by Safehaven

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I never thought opening up to you
Meant you would crawl inside
And build yourself a home
In all the cracks of my spine

Like the devil on my shoulder
But deeper in my mind
No God to talk me down
From the ledge you made me climb

So I'll stand here looking down
On all the destruction that you bring
Staining the pure and turning
Their worlds in to suffering

So caught in your wake
You dragged me underneath
I begged you to help
And you lied through your teeth

You always wanted to see me fail
Well I finally made you proud
I saw you crack a smile as my
Body hit the ground

But still I hear you speak like I'm the one
The one who let you down
You're a tumor growing in my skin
It's time I cut you out

I'll cut you out
I'll cut you out

You're the disease and I'm the cure
I'll cut you out

So I'll dig my nails into my skin
Peel back every inch of flesh ever poisoned by your finger tips
Unburdened by the shell I let you drag through the fucking dirt
I'll spread these broken wings and never let you clip them again

Get out of my head

Rebuild, rebuild
Cured myself of your disease
No longer blinded by deceit
I found the enemy

Rebuild, rebuild
You lost control of me
Embrace the sweet taste of defeat
You are the enemy


released August 9, 2016
Written and Performed by Safehaven
Engineered/Produced/Mixed by Hunter Bennett
Mastered by Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Mastering



all rights reserved


Safehaven London, Ontario

4- Piece Melodic Hardcore from London, Ontario, Canada.



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